Cardano (ADA) offers a new test environment for its smart contracts

One more milestone posed? The Cardano development team (ADA) invited smart contract developers to test its new test environment: Plutus Playground.

Cardano (ADA) offers a test environment for its smart contracts

Plutus Playground already existed in a less complete form, but this update to Cardano’s test environment goes much further, according to the IOHK release :

“In addition to providing a web simulator for writing and running smart contracts, the new Plutus Playground also allows users to access popular smart contracts that have already been written. “

The interface is separated into three sections: a smart contracts editor, a simulator, and an environment to simulate transactions. IOHK invites companies, governments, entrepreneurs and the Cardano community to take ownership of this new test environment.

IOHK also recalls that the smart contracts developed on its blockchain will have multiple uses, such as supply and traceability, medical data, voting systems, financial systems, etc.

An ADA firmly established in the top 10

Cardano has completed several milestones on its roadmap in recent months, which has garnered more investor confidence. This was therefore logically reflected in the price of the ADA , which jumped at the start of the month to exceed Bitcoin Cash (BCH) . Its capitalization of $ 10.8 billion also now allows it to overtake Litecoin (LTC), which was still in fourth place at the start of January.

The ADA price has risen for a little over a day, taking + 18%. After having crossed 0.35 dollar several times, he tries to consolidate above this threshold with which he has been playing for a week:

The next big step for Cardano is of course the Goguen era, which is expected to arrive at the start of the year. It will ultimately allow the blockchain to support smart contracts, and will mark the start of the “real” battle with Ethereum .